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Andrew Picard: IBT Training

I completed my IBT Training with MIck, Gavin and Lucy today and I can't recommend them highly enough. They have a very patient, relaxed teaching style and have an endless source of knowledge. I hadn't ridden a motorbike in 20 years before my training and I found the guys no-nonsense, practical teaching style a breath of fresh air. Mick even helped me to make an informed decision on buying my bike, and I'm looking forward to doing some more lessons with them to get myself test ready. Thanks again Mick, Gavin and Lucy.

Saturday, 07 May 2022
Richie Hourigan : IBT

All thanks to Mick, Gavin and Lucy, I had a fantastic time.. I was reluctant to do my IBT with a large group, and Mick Finlay came recommended to me. I had never rode a bike before and l was soon put at ease. Roadtraining have their course designed as a more one-on-one experience which was just what l wanted. I can now see why people travel countrywide to train with these guys. Thanks again-Richie

Wednesday, 20 April 2022
Keith Thomas: IBT course

Thanks to Mick, Gavin and Lucy for a brilliant 2 days learning . Your personal and supportive style of teaching was brilliant and enabled me to relax and enjoy the course. The tips and extra time you gave me on the road went above and beyond and I appreciated that and will take those valuable tips with me for a safer more confident riding experience. I will definitely be back for my pre test. Folks these guys are the best value, most experienced and generous team providing IBT training , so forget the rest let Mick and the team support you with your IBT training and pre tests going forward....Thanks guys keith Thomas

Monday, 18 April 2022
John Brennan: IBT

Really successful and enjoyable couple of days with the great people at Roadtraining.ie. Many thanks to Mick, Gavin and Lucy for their expert support, advise and direction every step of the way. From a total newbie to a confident rider on the road in the matter of just 2 days is incredible for me, but really satisfying.... Highly Recommended!!! Thanks again, John

Saturday, 26 March 2022
Conor: IBT Course with Mick and Lucy

I just did my IBT with Mick and Lucy and I was absolutely delighted with how it went. I'm a totally new rider, and I've never even driven a car, so I was pretty nervous. Despite my nerves, Mick and Lucy were unbelievably patient, constantly offering great tips and quickly diagnosing any mistakes which I needed to correct. By the end of the second day, I was so much more confident and really pleased with my progress. Not only are they expert professionals, both Mick and Lucy are really friendly and approachable. Thank you for everything guys!

Thursday, 24 March 2022
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