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Bogdan Gajzler: IBT Training

Hi everybody ... My brother and I just done IBT Training with Mick. Before we thought we know something about riding bikes ...we been so wrong … About training... fantastic atmosphere, Mick is so relaxed person, passing you knowledge with fun, jokes, making you do not feel like you in school on the lesson. Tons of information presented in easy to remember way. After a time we find confidence in what we are doing, all mistakes were explained in a straightforward way, corrected, and shows how to do properly. We have been lucky – was lots of rain one day and Mick shows us how to ride a bike on wet (wow … some experience !!!) I wish that everybody will be so lucky to have his training done with this Gentlemen... Mick... you are a real star ..!!! One more time thank you very much !!!100 % recommended to everybody.

Tuesday, 06 July 2021
Aaron Marsh: IBT Training

After 10 years off the bike I recently decided to get back on the road. Mick was recommended to me from a neighbour of mine who also done his IBT training with him. I've dealt with a couple of different instructors in the past but Mick is the best by far! I found the others turned relatively straightforward stuff into rocket science whereas Mick is the opposite, he explains things very simply and clearly. Mick also made the training fun and enjoyable, I never once felt like the training was stressful. I think this allowed me to relax a little which made my riding even better. Mick is a great guy, his pricing is very competitive and the training was great value for money considering his wealth of knowledge when it comes to bikes, he always throws in extra nuggets of wisdom that could one day save your life on the road! I couldn't recommend him highly enough.

Thursday, 17 June 2021
Andy lally: I.B.T

Just completed my I.B.T with Mick a true professional and a man with years of experience riding and teaching which really comes true during the course. He turns a difficult course to get through, into skills you will have for the rest of your riding life . Thanks Mick.

Monday, 14 June 2021
Joe O Neill: IBT Road Training

Just finished My IBT Training with Mick And Lucy. Thoroughly enjoyable experience. They strike a nice balance between Professionalism and fun! Not only have I obtained my IBT certificate but have gained invaluable experience, skills and confidence to take my riding to the next level. Looking forward to meeting them again down the road. Highly recommend.

Friday, 11 June 2021
Dean R: Excellent Training

The training I received with Mick was excellent. He is very patient and thorough! The whole training was relaxed to make you feel at ease and at the same time improving your technique and knowledge so that you become a more confident, safer biker, The prices are reasonable and you get great tuition. It’s also impressive how much you can learn by not picking up bad habits and driving correctly. When I did my ibts , I thought I could ride well but I had a lot of technical flaws that was picked up on and after the intense week of training I became more confident and ready to tackle to full license down the line. It is strict and if your doing something incorrect, you will be pulled up on it and shown how to do it correctly, that’s the way training should be in my opinion! It’s also great craic with mick and the team you can have great tuition a few jokes in a relaxed environment! Would highly recommend it to anyone!

Monday, 31 May 2021
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