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Sunday, 27 April 2014 00:00

Initial basic training (IBT) for motorcyclists

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What is Initial Basic Training?

Initial Basic Training (IBT) is a mandatory training course that teaches basic riding skills to learner motorcyclists. It is part of the RSA’s Graduated Driver Licensing (GDL) scheme and is intended to improve road safety.


What does IBT involve?

IBT is a 16 or 18 hour course broken into three or four separate modules (Depending on the course required) to be completed before you can ride on the road. These modules are a mixture of theory and practical riding skills.


When you have completed your IBT course, your instructor will record the details of your training in your logbook and issue you with a Certificate of Satisfactory Completion.


You must hold your first learner permit for six months before you can take your practical driving test.


The Progression module

If you want to upgrade the bike you ride (e.g. from automatic to manual or tricycle to two-wheeler) you can complete a progression module. This module allows you to get the training you need to operate a different size or type of bike without having to repeat the whole IBT course.


Finding an IBT course


IBT courses are only available at RSA approved IBT training centres and may only be delivered by RSA approved IBT instructors. Before you begin your training, you should check that both centre and instructor have been issued with an RSA certificate of approval.


Benefits of IBT


Completing your initial basic training course means you will:

  • learn to become a safer road user.
  • develop a strong understanding of basic motorcycle riding skills.
  • be able to practice your riding unaccompanied on a public road.



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